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Schooldoors is a cloud base school result management system that provides ample opportunities for schools in Nigeria to effectively manage maintain and distribute student results online.

The system allows the school to achieve the following feat:

• Electronically record student performance and generate result

• Allow access to individual student result

• Monitor and track student performance within a given timeframe or programme

• Store all school results for future references and unlimited access

• Arithmetically grade student performance and predict learning curves

• Store and manage student and employee details securely

The system allows a teacher to achieve the following feat:

• Score students performance electronically

• Compute student performance with just a click

• View student results and performance for a given course/project

• Track and monitor student performance

The system allows the student to achieve the following feat:

• Access and manage result online from anywhere, anytime

• Exposure to computer base examinations

• Unlimited access to academic performance advice and learning resources

• Scholarship opportunities

Schooldoors aims to improve the academic performance in Nigeria institutions by providing teachers with insight on individual student performance and predicting achievable learning curves.

The technical performance of schooldoors enables teachers to focus more on impacting knowledge on the student, rather than going through tedious and erroneous manual scoring and marking of scripts.

Schooldoors is secured, robust and in compliance with regulations, and can be accessed by an authorized personnel from anywhere, anytime.

Excerpt from Schooldoors brochure.

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