Faderfader World Unveiled

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Faderfader World Unveiled

- Let's Meet you Mr. FaderFader...

FADERFADER: My name is Ukaude Nnanna Reuben alias Faderfader, I hails from Ebonyi State but I reside in Enugu State

- The name FaderFader ring bells. Tells us how, where and why that name

FADERFADER: (Smiles) HOW!! I got the name Faderfader from friends and colleague (WHERE) in school. WHY!!! Because They always gets advice, solutions and authentic answers from me each time the need arises. I was like a Father to many. Coupled with the fact that my Second name NNANNA have a direct interpretation to that effect. Nnanna also means faderfader (i.e Father raise to power two) so in a stylish an easy going way I accept, endorsed and announced my nickname which become my stage name as "Faderfader"

- You are now a branded HIP-POP Artiste. Can you please explain how it all started?

FADERFADER: Right from my childhood growing up as an associated hobby that I cannot separate. And because I love it I develop and cherish it to this fruitful time.

- When do you start singing...

FADERFADER: it's been on coming... Career wise I join the industry last year when I visit the studio to start out.

- But your name, Song, lyrics are loved by every one that comes by them. How are you doing it. I mean what's your source of inspiration?

FADERFADER: My source of inspiration is God all the way..

- You mean no weed, codin or any form of highness?

FADERFADER: (Laughs) Sometimes I also got wonder how these inspirations comes to me... They just flow and I kept writing... Like not wanting to stop. At times I will forget that I've not eating. I can't give glory to the fact that I got high most times especially when with my fans, friends and well wishers.

- We heard that you will be releasing one of your singles soon... Which of them

FADERFADER: Yes, One of my single track will be published....One of my favorite... Sparkzy Killed the beat... Just like no other. I don't usually love my work easily.. But this very track holds more than just thinking... This track is titled: Only Two Things. The compete sentence is only two things can kill a man

- Only Two Things Can Kill a Man... What are the two things... I mean can you tell us more about the concept and content of the song

FADERFADER: You just need to get the song and listen to it as it will give you more than I can explain here . I have actually pure out every damn thing about the two things that can kill a man.

- FaderFader you are a wonder-at. But seeing your achievements one would wonder how to pull facts from truth.. just look at some of these pictures
*A brief Documentary of FaderFader education and Awards here.

- You are a second class upper graduate of Economics from Tansian University Umunya Anambra State... How easy was that sir?

FADERFADER: You mean easy. With my condition I'm sure you know that it wouldn't be easy. But I don't believe what people think about me... I'm not going to settle down and start begging as disabled. So every thing becomes possible since I believe. Apart from being focus and prayerful. I got a lot of help from both my friends, other students, lecturers and even those that I don't know.

- You you like to talk a little about the awards?

FADERFADER: actually I've got a couple of graded awards. My first award came from... Yet there are some I can't forget easily. One is that of my State governor

- FaderFader a lot of people may want to know what your next moved will b and the future they should expect from you becoming an Artiste

FADERFADER: My next move is to populate the music industry with music. Because I am so endowed .
For the future I will try to Create a generation of people with a living and conscious conscience... Living by the truth making impact in their world
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Nice one Faderfader
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