How To Become A Top Programmer While Learning At Home In Nigeria

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How To Become A Top Programmer While Learning At Home In Nigeria
Programming is a booming career that provides access to revenue with little financial involvement.

All that is required to master any programming language is the zeal to "learn and create", when you are motivated by the need to create something "New" you can break barriers to meet your goal.

Learning programming from your home in Nigeria starts with these few items.

1. A laptop computer
2. A work desk in your room (table & chair)
3. Internet connection (N500 weekly data bundle) = 2k/month (MTN pulse for 1gig)

Once these items are intact, then you now have an office where new things can be born.

The next step is to choose what programming language you can start with.

My advices is PHP/MYSQLi, these stuffs are easy to learn and has the widest range of programmers across the globe, which means that any issue you might face during your learning period, someone have the solution at hand, and all the resources needed are free to download.

Secondly PHP allows you to build websites and softares that can be accessed by millions of people at a time, which means all you need to do is create and deploy, and any one with a browser can access your product.

The best approach to follow in order to learn effectively and start developing something within a short period of learning is as follow.

1. Visit, and click on the PHP course, I will advice you to make a copy of that training by copying them one after the other into an MS word document which you can print to read offline. It's the best PHP free course you can get online.

2. Make us of these keywords when searching on Google "how to", "tutorial", "for absolute beginners", "php script", combining these keywords with your search term narrows down your result to exactly what you may be looking for.

3. When you see any result for any of your search terms on Google, look out for results that appear from,,

4. Videos are the best way to learn as they can give you a clearer view of what your expectations are, but watching videos on YouTube for learning purpose will be expensive considering the Nigeria Data wahala, so I will advice to preview the video on YouTube, then if it contains the information you want then head on to download it. Downloading it gives you the opportunity to continue your lessons without internet.

NB: it's illegal to download YouTube videos, but "How We Go Do?".

The process might seem so daunting the first week, but I bet you, once your able to build your first code that does whatever, you will not love to fall asleep anytime there is light, and the only thing that will turn you on is power supply.

Becoming a successful programmer does not need more from you except the following:

1. You must start thinking differently

2. You must not accept everything the way they come

3. You must allow family and friends to see that, your in love with what your doing

4. You must tune down on religious matters, so that you can train your brain on progressive arguments only.

These things where my findings during when I was hungry to learn and build something new, programming is not a career, it's a way of life, the way we think, love and act. It makes us smarter because we are everywhere solving problems from different sectors of the economy.

Your destiny is a product of your decision

Franklin Amadike

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