8 Essential Solutions You Can Get From PADYPADY.com

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8 Essential Solutions You Can Get From PADYPADY.com
PADYPADY.com is a social marketing website that you can use to achieve the following solutions.

1. Musician If you're a musician, producer, song writer or promoter, you can upload, store, share and promote your music and audio works online

2. Store / Business Owner If you're a store owner and you sell products within the following categories: Electronics, Clothing, Cell Phones, Personal & Health Care, Books or Collectibles, Cosmetics etc, you can have an online store to showcase your products and drive sales directly to your store. Whereby allowing you to reach potential customers within your location and region online, once your online store front have been created, your store will be listed on padypady for users and visitors within your location or region.

3. Videos Padypady.com is legally allowed by Google to search and stream all public videos on YouTube data bank, thereby granting you access to your favorite music videos, movie highlights, TV series and video tutorials it also allows you to add Youtube video in order to gain more views and publicity.

4. Music Lovers If you're a music lover, your favorite artist already have a Playlist on padypady.com, with gossips and comments rolling out from various perspective, you can quickly be updated with happenings around your favorite celebrities, get their latest songs and create your own playlist and also share it with others .

5. Forum / Stories Stories and happenings across the globe are now easily accessible. Padypady stories allow you to write and share your stories, create new topics and engage people in a conversation to meet a specific need.

6. Social Interactions Follows, likes, comments, direct messaging between users, sales conversations, status updates, photo sharing, notifications, tagging, playlist of music & videos, storytelling, news archiving and many other functionalities of Padypady.com had made it a favourite network for your daily online gigs.

7. Short Url every content added on padypady.com has it own short URL automatically generated during registration, thereby giving you a tool to make your music, videos, stories, store front and social conversations visible on the world's leading social networks and other websites.

8. Usage All these functionality are tailored towards ease of accessibility and control, the website loads faster even in low network connections, giving you access to all the needed tools to enhance your online presence.

Padypady.com is proudly a made in Nigeria product, and have both Desktop, Mobile and APP versions already running live.

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