Padypady Music - The Definition Of Who You Are!

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Padypady Music - The Definition Of Who You Are!
Padypady makes your sweet music accessible to the public at reasonable prices through a community effort of professional & lovable online users.

We offered to our users beautiful performances of must celebrated musicians in an intimate setting that brings their stories & drama closer to the audience.

This setting makes our social experience more personal. In addition, Padypady Music provides opportunities for aspiring and experienced singers to showcase their talent and reachout to the world.

As a contribution to our audience some of our favorite music showcase covers, the Nigerian & Ghana music industry and other ground breaking foreign music across the globe.

It's time to take your music dream or pleasure by storm.

Become a contributor or enjoy all that have been contributed.

iCare iCare Feb 18, 2017
Nice one I have been contributing oo Re: Padypady Music - The Definition Of Who You Are!
5 Kings Year 2000 Hit Songs
Walking Away Craig David
★ 15.2K ☇ 6
Diallo Wyclef Jean
★ 168.6K ☇ 9
Angel Shaggy
★ 103.5K ☇ 1
I Need You Marc Anthony
★ 124.1K ☇ 0
Unleash The Dragon Sisqo
★ 52.5K ☇ 2
Missing You Case
★ 33.8K ☇ 1
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