GTBank’s Theme Song (737 Moments) Has All The Staples Of A Hit

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GTBank’s Theme Song (737 Moments) Has All The Staples Of A Hit
GTBank’s theme song 737 moments has all it takes to be a hit. Teaming with colorful scenes, groovy beats and a melody that you won’t forget easily, the video has all the staples of a hit.

Its purpose, though, is not to climb into the charts and claim the number one spot (where it rightly belongs) but to highlight the simplicity of *737# and its availability to every Nigerian at every moment in time.

737 Moments is a celebration of every moment—at home, in the office or on the go—when the bank’s customers have dialed *737# to buy airtime, transfer funds, pay bills or complete any of their transactions.

Bereft of a super star cast and featuring people from all walks of life, the 737 Moments Video emphasizes the simplicity and universality of 737 with its promise of Simple Banking for Every Nigerian.

Watch the video and feel free to share your own 737 moment. #737moments


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It's truly a hit
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