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About MCnite Aka Da Sheen

music Jul 30, 2017 0 38
ItzMCnite @ItzMCnite
About MCnite Aka Da Sheen
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"Da Sheen On U"
Samuel Junior Clintonite , is #born april,22, 1995...Clintonite is a Nigerian rapper, good in Afro, Hip-hop, RnB and a songwriter. Born in Imo State, fathers State. Clintonite was raised in Rivers State, #college was (saint Mary's catholic college,Omoku, ONELGA, Rivers State, Nigeria. He embarked on his musical career as a teenager under the #StageName MCnite Aka Da Sheen. Independently moving and decided to drop his first single #POTM (power of the mind) in the year 2017/july/30...
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