I'm An Expert Because I Own A Process - Franklin Amadike

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I'm An Expert Because I Own A Process - Franklin Amadike
From my very first conversation with a client, my job is to figure out the biggest problem they face and give them solutions to fix it.

When I am developing a website or cloud application, for instance. I don't ask, “What pages do you want? or how do you want me to do it” rather i conversely, as an expert asks, “What's the goal? What's your biggest challenge? What problem are you looking to solve?” Then i work backward and use my expertise to address those challenges and goals with a proven process.

My income is not based on spending time working with clients to increase my success, but my income is based on results and providing value, I spend my energy looking for ways to increase the value i provide, and not, necessarily, the time i spend doing it.

Essentially, i become more profitable by increasing value and streamlining processes, not fulfilling orders.

As An Expert I Give Strategic Opinions and Take Control of the Process

When people hire me, they are looking up to me to take the lead and tell them how it’s going to work. I conversely say, “You're going to do this, this, and this. I'm going to do this, this, and this. I expect this from you. Here are my timelines. To do this well, here are the dates I'm going to deliver these things. Here are the dates I'll be expecting them back from you.” I lay the whole thing out, so that if they have a question it will be centered around high-level problems rather than a back and forth about scheduling or deadlines.

I Charge Flat Rates

The way i charge says a lot about the value i bring. Charging a flat fee is one of the ways I use to build my brand reputation and respect, and also to build profitability. The benefit is that i can continually increase prices because money isn’t tied to time. My charging is based on value.

My contact

+234 816 490 9592

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Re: I'm An Expert Because I Own A Process - Franklin Amadike
Mrs Awolowo Mrs Awolowo Nov 11, 2017
Countries that encourage their firms to innovate, and that invest in educating their people and pushing the boundaries of science, generally grow richer than those that do not
GirlsFacts GirlsFacts Nov 05, 2017
Franklin Amadike Franklin Amadike Nov 01, 2017
If I sell something for $100, I want to provide at least $1,000 in value to my customer.. at least. #QIS #SchoolDoors
Franklin Amadike Franklin Amadike Oct 27, 2017
I see myself as an expert not a "yes man" service provider
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