Keep your song alive forever

Let me tell a story

Two years after I gained admission to study computer engineering, I recorded my first music (2007), bouncing out from the studio, I found love & support from family and friends who adored the music.

It gave me opportunity to perform on top events, gained me collaboration with top artists outside the perimeter of my exposure.

To me and the few people who heard the song, it was an amazing music.

I took some bold steps to prolong and keep the song alive, I burnt it on a CD plate

I stored it on my computer hard drive & memory card

But certainly, these items were not able to preserve the song for a longer time

And I lost the song to poor storage facility

Today it won’t happen again

Because allows me to conveniently store my music online and access it anywhere across the globe using any internet connected device anytime.

It’s amazing, it’s an extraordinary solution for every music artist, music producer and music lovers.

It's simple, convenient and rewarding..

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Franklin Amadike
CTO Padypady
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